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Rear Brake Pads Fits Bendix DB2035 Hyundai - SANTA FE BP12035SM

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Rear Brake Pads

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    Rear Pads

    Interchangeable with DB2035



    Direct Auto Spares strive for an expanding product range and quality brake pads.

    The Brake Pads we sell are tested in a testing laboratory that has the latest equipment to fully evaluate life, efficiency and noise with professional tests to international requirements.

    This includes Density test, pH Value test, Shear Strength test, Porosity test, Compressibility test, Brake Effectiveness test, Chase test, Dynamometer Noise Test, Wear test.


    Our Brake pads are designed and manufactured for high quality.

    1: Excellent green performance to reduce bedding-in time

    2: Good nominal coefficient out-put 0.36-0.38

    3: Best wear resistance and low dust

    4: Strong braking power after cold and wet applications

    5: Good Pedal Feel

    6: Environmentally friendly formula

    7: Better noise control


    Our products meet the standards as specified by the original engine and vehicle equipment manufacturers.  Our brake pads carry the ISOTS16949 or ‘Ts’ standard.

    Our production plants are certified to ISO 9001, QS 9000 and TS16949.


    New car Motor vehicles, guarantees, warranties and the law

    Direct Auto Spares products are manufactured to

    ISO TS 16949 standard and are manufactured to OEM or higher specification.

    As such all our products meet the required standard as stated by the ACCC.

    Please note the following conditions must also be met to retain the warranty.

    Installed or fitted by qualified staff.

    Installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Using appropriate quality parts where required.


    Below is a short description of the vehicles this brake pad fits. For more specific catalog please view our E-catalog


    Vehicle Applications (to be used as a guide/reference only):-

    Hyundai - SANTA FE (2006 - 2012) [CM] 2.7 V6 GLS 4x4 {139 kW} AWD SUV [CM]
    Hyundai - SANTA FE (2006 - 2012) [CM] 2.2 CRDi 4x4 {114 kW} AWD SUV [CM]
    Hyundai - SANTA FE (2006 - 2012) [CM] 3.3 {180 kW} FWD SUV [CM]



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