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COVID-19 update from Direct Auto Spares
2020-03-25  |  DAS Team

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having a significant impact on the lives of all Australians. Direct Auto Spares would like to share with you everything Direct Auto Spares is doing so we can continue delivering and supplying product, whilst endeavouring to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers in relation to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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How to install steel wiper blades
2016-05-01  |  DAS
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How to Replace Spark Plug Wires
2013-01-12  |  DAS

Changing ignition spark plug wires are fairly easy and usually requires no tools. Each spark plug wire is connected to a spark plug, and brings the electrical spark to the spark plug in order to ignite the fuel inside the engine's cylinders. A damaged ignition spark plug wire can make your car run rough and affect gas mileage.. here's our guide on how to replace them....

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Activated Carbon Cabin Filters – Are they better than paper cabin filters?
2012-12-08  |  D.A.S

Cabin filters are designed and made to keep the air quality inside your vehicle as fresh as possible.
The question many of us ask is, can we improve the quality and/or performance of these cabin filters by switching from paper to activated carbon? Is activated carbon worth it? Here’s our take:

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Holden Gen 3 Spark Plug Leads Price
2012-12-08  |  D.A.S

Why are Holden Gen 3 Spark Plug Leads so expensive? it makes no sense!! or does it?

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