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Oil Filter fits TOYOTA SU003-00311

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Spin-on Oil Filter Please note, Product may differ from picture shown, please use dimension.
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    This Oil filter is interchangeable with:

    HYUNDAI 26300-22000
    HYUNDAI 26300-35054
    HYUNDAI 26300-35056
    HYUNDAI 26300-35502
    HYUNDAI 26300-35530
    HYUNDAI 26300-35A00
    KIA 0 RF03 23 802 / 0RF0323802
    KIA 0K016-23-802
    KIA 0RF0323802B
    KIA 26300-35502
    KIA 26300-35531
    KIA 5K016-23-802
    KIA O RF03 23 802 B / ORF0323802B
    KIA OK016-23-802
    KIA S26300-35530
    KUBOTA 15241-3209-2
    KUBOTA 15241-32090
    KUBOTA 1524132094
    MAZDA 0644-14-300
    MAZDA AY10-0F-J022
    MAZDA AY10-0H-N022
    MAZDA N3Y6-14-302
    MAZDA RF2A-14-302A
    MAZDA RF79-14-302
    MAZDA RFY2-14-302
    MAZDA RFY2-14-302-9A
    MAZDA RFY5-14-302
    MAZDA RFY6-14-302
    MAZDA ZA8-94456-741-2
    TOYOTA SU003-00302
    TOYOTA SU003-00311
    YANMAR 12445035100
    YANMAR 129150-35151
    YANMAR 129150-35153
    YANMAR YM129150-35152


    Direct Auto Spares strive for an expanding product range and quality filters.


    The Filters we sell are tested in a testing laboratory that has the latest equipment to fully evaluate life, efficiency and flow with professional tests to international requirements. This includes every oil filter being leak tested and thread checked (One by one), One by one right angle tests, Gasket and seal one by one checks, Gasket high temperature and low temperature checks, Body print Salt spray tests, Flow resistance tests, Pressure pulse testing. Anti-drain back and relief Valve tests and Air leak tests, before our product has even left the door!


    These evaluations of every new filter we sell are extremely impressive,


    Our filters are designed and manufactured for high quality and performance.

    Our products meet the standards as specified by the original engine and vehicle equipment manufacturers.  The company’s oil and fuel filters carry the ISOTS16949 or ‘Ts’ standard.

    Our production plants are certified to ISO 9001, QS 9000 and TS16949.


    New car Motor vehicles, guarantees, warranties and the law

    Direct Auto Spares air, oil and fuel filters are manufactured to

    ISO TS 16949 standard and are manufactured to OEM or higher specification.

    As such all our filters meet the required standard as stated by the ACCC.

    Please note the following conditions must also be met to retain the warranty.

    Installed or fitted by qualified staff.

    Installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

    Using appropriate quality parts where required.


    Below is a short description of the vehicles this filter fits. For more specific catalog please view our E-catalog



    Ford Econovan Maxi, XL Maxi 4cyl FE 2L 1998cc 1985-1997
    Ford Econovan JG Maxi 4cyl FE 2.0ltr 1998cc 1997-1999
    Ford Econovan JH Maxi 4cyl FE 2.0ltr 1998cc 1999-2002
    Ford Econovan JH 4cyl FE-12V 2.0ltr 1998cc 2003-2005
    Ford Laser KQ GLXi, SR 4cyl FP 1.8ltr 1839cc 2001-2002
    Ford Laser KQ SR2 4cyl FS 2.0ltr 1991cc 2001-2002
    Ford Laser KQ LXi 4cyl ZM 1.6ltr 1598cc 2001-2002
    Ford Telstar AT GL 4cyl FE 2.0ltr 1998cc 1987-1989
    Ford Telstar AX Ghia GLX 4cyl FS 2L 1991cc 1992-1994
    Ford Telstar AY Ghia, GLX 4cyl FS 2L 1991cc 1994-1996
    Ford Telstar TX5 AT GL 4cyl FE 2L 1998cc 1988-1989
    Ford Telstar TX5 AX Ghia 4cyl FS 2L 1991cc 1992-1994
    Ford Telstar TX5 AY Ghia 4cyl FS 2L 1991cc 1994-1996
    Kia Credos GLX 4cyl FE-DOHC 2L 1998cc 1998-2000
    Kia Sportage FX GSE SE 4cyl FE-DOHC 2L 1998cc 96-04
    Mazda 626 GE Deluxe, SDX 4cyl FS 2.0ltr 1991cc 1997
    Mazda 626 GE Series 1 Deluxe SDX 4cyl FS 2L 1992-1996
    Mazda 626 GW Classic Extra 4cyl FS 2L 1991cc 1998-2002
    MAZDA 626 626 GW10 2.0L 1998-2002
    MAZDA E-SERIES (PETROL) E2000 2.0L 2003 - ON

    Overall Height 86.00mm
    Seal Diameter 66.00mm
    Thread M20-x1.5-6H
    Seam Diameter 71.00mm
    Model A8
    Year 2018
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